Two Months Later

Thought cloud bubble

First, apologies for not posting for a little over two months. Since Thanksgiving, a lot has happened, mostly medical but also work- and house-related. I don’t plan to forget about this blog, it just hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind. I have been reading and I’m sure some of those books will lead to future reviews. And I’m sure I’ll be sharing topical posts as well. It just might be another month or more before I resume by usual pace. Until then, what books have you all been reading? What would you recommend to fellow readers?


2 thoughts on “Two Months Later

  1. This is not literary, nor is it fiction, but I’m retreading a book I picked up at the library years ago, “The Power of Broke,” by Daymond John. Although it’s a self-help type business book, it also has really interesting insights on creativity, life strategies, and decision making.

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