The author, Amy C. Nickless

The author

My name is Amy C. Nickless. I’m a native of the American Midwest. I hold a M.A. in Information Science & Learning Technologies with an Emphasis in Library Science & a B.A. History. I’m currently a librarian to the visually disabled.  I have previously served as a graduate reference assistant in an academic library; as a manuscript collection volunteer and intern at an archive; and substitute teacher and librarian.  I also completed a couple special collections projects.

As the tag line says, the blog will focus on information, thoughts, and ideas surrounding libraries, archives, and history. I will also blog book reviews for works of history, historical fiction, and historical biographies. All thoughts and ideas written about are mine, not those of my current employer.  This will include library and archive practices, historical tidbits, and some genealogy. It will be updated every Monday unless otherwise noted. If you chose, my introductory posts “And it Begins…” and “The Pathway” provide more about my background and my intentions with this blog.  To better understand the title I picked, you can opt read my post “Why ‘Amy’s Scrap Bag’?

I intend to write as I’d talk, so don’t be surprise by the contractions. This will definitely be less formal than my past research papers and publications! While I will be addressing professional level topics, I don’t want to be seen as stuffy, overly formal, or uninviting. I hope this writing style accomplishes this goal.

If you would like to see more about my past research, projects, etc., please see my portfolio at amycnickless.wordpress.com.


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  1. I am going to participate in an exhibition Recycle Art 2020 I am going to focus on Nature and Natives I found your blog when I was googling Recycle and Native Americans. I am from Sweden. I have attended a Pow Wow in Bismarck. I have been in Monument Valley which I found very dramatic and powerful. If you would have any ideas or websites regarding this I would be grateful. Thank for a nice blog.//Jenny

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