I’ve decided to add a glossary since many of the places I’ve mentioned are Missouri-specific or organization-specific.  I don’t want anyone to feel lost.


  • Okay, this isn’t a definition, but a note.  Because the tag “Conservation” on WordPress focuses exclusively on land conservation efforts, the archival definition won’t work with that tag.  In archives, conservation is the repair and restoration of documents.  Preservation are the efforts to ensure documents receive no further damage.  For the purpose of tags on this blog, anything conservation-related will be tagged “Preservation” since the categories are closely related.

Ellis Library:

  • University of Missouri’s main campus library.  It houses mostly humanities, social sciences, and government publications.  It is also home to the university’s Special Collections and Rare Books division, the Information Commons, and another computer lab.

Girl Scout Gold Award:

  • Equivalent of the Boy Scout’s Eagle Scout.

Jane Stephens Honors Program:

  • The honors program at Southeast Missouri State University; pre-2009 it was called the University Honors Program.


  • Nickname for The University of Missouri in Columbia, MO; mostly used in reference to sports or by students.


  • Nickname for The University of Missouri in Columbia, MO.

National History Day:

  • A nationwide history competitions similar to a science fair.  It features regional, state, and national levels.


  • Nickname for Southeast Missouri State University; officially used for sports only, but unofficially used by most students for everything.


  • Shorthand for The State Historical Society of Missouri.


  • Nickname for Southeast Missouri State University.

Southeast Missouri State University:

  • A regional Missouri university located in Cape Girardeau, MO.

The State Historical Society of Missouri:

  • Archive of Missouri history, including genealogy records, the state newspaper archive, manuscripts, Missouri government documents, oral histories, books, and more.

University of Missouri:

  • The flagship campus of the University of Missouri System located in Columbia, MO.

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