Jobs, Hope, and Community–INALJ Guest Post

Screenshot of my post on INALJ's Homepage

Screenshot of my post on INALJ’s Homepage

Back in October, I was kindly asked to write a guest post for INALJ (I Need a Library Job) by its creator and manager Naomi House.  It was published on INALJ’s website today.*  The post is titled “Jobs, Hope, and Community” and it’s about how INALJ helps library, archive, and other information professional job seekers.  If you’d like, please check it out!

For those who are not seeking jobs in my field or are new to the information professional world, INALJ offers job-seekers many resources.  While more details are in the guest post and on INALJ, it offer a daily job listing digest; a blog; and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn communities.  With the latter two, INALJ offers job-searching advice and provides related discussion forums.  INALJ received recognition by the American Library Association in its November issue of American Libraries.

*The INALJ post was reissued on January 25, 2013 after a reader contacted me about the fact the links had double http:// prefixes and were not working, likely from the copy and paste into WordPress.  Naomi House kindly made the corrections and decided to reissue the post.  I would like to thank that reader, but the  provided e-mail address returned my e-mail as undeliverable.  Maybe she will see this note.


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