Some Recent Reads

Between work, family issues, and hail damage, I’m still keeping busy and did not finish reading the novel I planned to review for this week.  Instead of leaving you with nothing, here are a few recommended reads based on titles I’ve read in 2020 thus far:20th wife cover

  1. The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan: This novel tells the story of Mehrunissa, the future Empress Nur Jahan of Mugal India, before her famous marriage.  Both well-written and grounded in historical fact, it is a spellbinding tale of love, intrigue, and family in the 17th Century. It is also the first in a trilogy that includes The Feast of Roses, which continues her story, and Shadow Princess, the story of her niece Jahanara. I recommend that if you enjoy the first book, read all three!
  2. The Ghost Ship of Brooklyn: An Untold Story of the American Revolution by Robert P. Watson: For a book with a gruesome subject matter, this ended up being a very engaging book.  Chosen as a book club selection, it wasn’t something I would have otherwise read. The focus was on individual stories of the Patriot men imprisoned on a British prison hulk, some of whom also attempted escape.

  3. Victoria’s Daughters by Jerrold Packard: This book is a collective biography of Queen Victoria’s five daughters.  It details each, including their childhood and life after marriage.  The level of detail was that of depth, without being overwhelming.

Cover Meg and Jo

  1. Meg and Jo by Virginia Kantra: This modern day retelling of Little Women begs for a sequel called Beth and Amy, which I hope gets written.  Told with humor, this tale finds Meg ad a wife who gave up her career for her children, Jo as a sous chef and food blogger, Beth as a music student, and Amy as a fashionista.  While the storyline and personalities ring true, this twist shows a whole new side to the story.

If you read any of this (or have already read), let me know what you though of them.


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