Library Programming Ideas

Library Programming Ideas

Adult Coloring Program

Adult Coloring Program from Wikimedia Commons

Back in October, 2019, at my state library conference one topic that stood out predominantly through the conference was the plethora of programming ideas that go beyond the typical book club, reading program, or children’s storytime.  Just to further expose these ideas, here are some that were presented:

  • Host true crime programs: This can include bringing in guest with careers connected to true crime, such as lawyers and first responders; holding a mock trial; have a true crime author speak; hold ghost hunting programs; and/or create a program around a local true crime.
  • Hold a One Reads program:  Offer everyone in the community a chance to read a book, then hold programming around it, such as author talks, book clubs, and other related community events.
  • Take programming out of the library!:  Have book clubs meet at cafes or restaurants. Visit locations for special programming, as seen below.
  • People love pop culture programming: Consider hosting a speaker on pop culture or doing your own comic-con.
  • Patrons also love history, but many would prefer not reading about it: Host historical programs, including but not limited to, having history professors and writer speak.  Sponsor trips to historic sites or cemeteries for a special history tour.
  • Offer craft and DIY programs for adults! They love them just as much as the kiddos.
  • Offer “travelogue” programs:  Have someone come into talk about a place and all that can be done there.  Make sure they have lots of photos and video clips to share!
  • Go beyond the book: Host programs where patrons read the book and come into watch the movie, then have them discuss both.
  • Don’t overlook author talks: While big name authors often cost money to have speak, mid-list authors and local authors lost less to bring in, if there is any costs at all.  Often, they just want to share about their book and attempt to sell copies.
  • Learn more about these ideas and many others that were covered for youth patrons by visiting

I hope sharing this information helps spark your creativity!  I know it gave me quite a few ideas.


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