2019 Wrap-Up

Another year has flown by and 2019 has been a crazy one.  I think other than this post, everything else has been a book review this year.  I didn’t even find time with how busy things have been to write my usual post-conference post or two about what I learned, so I guess that may happen in 2020.  If not, well, then we’ll have to wait for 2020’s. Given how many programming in library ideas were at that conference, waiting would be a shame not to share, so I hope to write that post someday.

The Book Angel I made in December, 2013.

The Book Angel I made in December, 2013.

2019’s been a year of loss and change.  At work, there were four retirements this year and one was our previous director (who retired at the end of February).  Within my family, I lost my most beloved grandfather in July and I still haven’t fully recovered from that. I think his loss will be keenly felt the next couple weeks by all in my family.  Two other family members have had illnesses that finally forced them into care facilities. Plus others I know have passed and there have been personal struggles as well.

In addition, even after 18 months, we are still trying to settle into our new house and go through accumulated belongings so we don’t store unneeded items forever.  Plus we still have parts of the finished basement that are blank slates for decorating as we figure out how to use those spaces. In addition, I saved so many papers from my school days I really need to go through those and figure out what really needs to be saved, but that will be my final settling-in project since it can be done at any point and just involves recycling and not another community yard sale.

Dear readers, how has your year been?  I hope it has been fantastic compared to mine.

And to sign-off 2019 (no post on the 30th due to the holidays), I hope each and every one of you has a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Kwanzaa next week and a Happy New Year the following week!


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