Review: A Dangerous Collaboration

A Dangerous Collaboration by Deanna Raybourn

Berkley Books, 2019.  Hardcover, 336 pages.Cover: A Dangerous Collaboration

Days after returning from an extended vacation, Veronica Speedwell is whisked off to a Cornish island with Stoker’s eldest brother, Tiberius, Lord Templeton-Vane.  Tiberius uses Veronica’s desire to see a rare butterfly as the lure as well as the promise to acquire some for her vivarium. At Tiberius’ insistence, Veronica poses as his fiancée, which causes problems when they discover they were followed by Stoker, who suspects his brother has an ulterior motive.  Upon arriving at Lord Malcolm Romilly’s island home, a not-so innocent house party commences. Malcolm suspects that his late bride, Rosamund, was murdered on their wedding night three years prior and the party was his excuse to bring everyone into one place to investigate.

Everyone present but Veronica and Stoker have a motive for killing Rosamund, so it’s up to them to handle the majority of the investigation.  What ensues is their typical banter as they follow leads that take them across the island, speak to townsfolk and houseguest, and sneak around at night.  Will they find the murder before he or she strikes again? Or was there a murder at all?

This might be my favorite Veronica Speedwell mystery yet.  As the mystery unfolds, we learn more about the relationship between Stoker and his brother Tiberius and this enhances the depth of both characters.  The tensions between Veronica and Stoker grows and their relationship evolves. As for the characters new to this book, again, there is depth in Malcolm’s grief and desire to know what happened to Rosamund and his sister Mertensia proves to be a scholar of medicinal arts in an era where that was not common.  Then the stories about life on the island and the island’s history add an aura of mystique to the story. All in all, a great installment to the series.

I’ve reviewed the second and third books in this series.  Have you tried either? If so, what did you think?  Regardless of that question, do you think you’d read this book?

This review is based on a digital advanced reader edition provided by the First To Read Program.  It will be released on March 12th.


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