Your Turn to Recommend

Photo of a librarian circa 1911

“Desc: Sepia toned photograph of young woman in early turn of the 20th century dress, seated at a desk in front of windows, white blouse, dark skirt, chignon. Table and chair to the right. Backside has “Derry Public Library” written on it. Caption: Elsie Gaskin, Librarian 1911″ from Derry Public Library via a Creative Commons Image Search.

Well, I originally intended to either write an informational post for this week or have my review of Kate Quinn’s The Huntress ready to post.  As I write this post the Friday before the Monday this will go live, I can say that won’t happen.  In two week’s, I’ve only made it 30 or so pages into the book and it’s not from lack of interest (it’s really intriguing).  It’s lack of time and as I leave for a trip on Saturday, I know a review would not be ready by Monday nor would something informational.  Compounding issues has been the busyness at work-we’re a bit short-staffed (partly due to reoccuring bad weather, partly due to open positions) and I’ve been busy with a lot more calls than normal.  Add planning for three conference presentations or panels on top of the usual reference, cataloging, and outreach duties complicated the time issue too. So I’m looking forward for the chance to be away a few days and perhaps slow down a bit.

So while I’m away, I figured I’d do something different.  It’s time to solicit some feedback from my readers.

  1. As I have time to write about informational things, do you have any topics you’d like to learn more about in the library world?
  2. What books would you recommend to those who enjoy reading about history?  These can be fiction or nonfiction. Use this as your opportunity to share good books with other readers and myself.
  3. Do you have tips for juggling planning for multiple presentations while being short-staffed? (yes, I could use tips to see if I could be doing something differently.)

I’ll return with a review or informational post in two weeks.


2 thoughts on “Your Turn to Recommend

  1. Garry Wills- “Lincoln at Gettysburg”
    Gordon Wood- “Revolutionary Characters”
    Michael Shaara- “The Killer Angels”
    James McPherson- “For Cause and Comrades”
    Gary Nash- “Red, White, and Black”

    Here are a few slender volumes that I have enjoyed over the years.

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