Fall 2018 Updates

stack-of-books-vintage-books-book-booksSo far, most of my 2018 posts have been book reviews.  This is because things have been busy. The beginning of the year saw my husband and I house hunting.  With the market in our area, it took several months of looking and seeing probably 50+ homes to find the one we purchased.  It wasn’t 100% everything we wanted, but in the area, it was the best we could do in our budget. After closing, we had to repaint, do a few small repairs, and clean things up (the previous occupants must not have kept the house in tip-top shape and their paint choice was cavern-like).  Then we moved in. And we have been sorting through our things since. This is a major reason why I have read fewer books than usual this year.

In addition, there was another wedding to plan for in 2018.  My best friend, who served as my maid of honor last year, was married a few weeks ago.  This meant once again there was dress shopping, alteration to deal with, pre-wedding events, etc.  That also kept me pretty busy. I hope that my involvement in weddings (other than as a guest) is over for a bit.  Wedding planning is stressful!

Work is also busy, as to be expected in a library.  Outside of the usual, I have been working with a coworker and two other librarians in my state to plan a panel on disability resources in our state, which will be presented in conference later this month.  As always, I’ll share the conference highlights afterwards. With another co-worker, I have been working on creating book club kits that we can circulate. This involves purchasing materials and writing the content to go with the kits, including the questions and activities.  Then I have a lot of programs I am running from book club discussion to workshops to author talks. So perhaps busy is an understatement here!

How have you, my readers, been doing?  Have you read any good books lately?


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