2017 Wrap-Up

With the next two Monday’s being major holidays, this will be 2017’s last post.  I’ll resume on January 8th.

The Book Angel I made in December, 2013.

The Book Angel I made in December, 2013.

2017 has been a busy year.  It’s seen my wedding and honeymoon; the latter of which I still need to share details about some of the historic sites we discovered.  It was the second successful year of my library’s book club program.  I presented at two conferences; led a new outreach campaign; created new recommended reading lists for my patrons; and overhauled some aspects of our library management systems cataloging features (with more to come in 2018).  It has also seen fall-out from each of those, mainly dealing with finances and combining insurances (which is not fun).  On the blog, I have shared observations and book reviews.

Going into 2018, it will continue to be busy.  Book clubs and the outreach campaign will continue and the latter will also expand.  My maid of honor’s wedding is coming up in 2018 and I’ll be her matron of honor.  We also hope to house-hunt as the apartment is on the small side with little storage.  I also hope to finished some neglected projects that stalled due to lack of time.  To that end, there will be some changes to Amy’s Scrap Bag starting in 2018.  While I plan to keep posting the same array of material, I plan to reduce postings to every other week.  This hopefully will provide more time to finish those other projects.

If you didn’t know, each post I have penned over the last five years has had more time behind its development that its writing.  I’ve had to read and research, then distill my thoughts and select an appropriate image to match the post (which is only easy for book reviews).  The former can eat up a great deal of time and I hope that I can redirect that reading and research time from the blog to the manuscript I have been working on off and on for nearly just as long and to other creative endeavors, such as dealing with the craft items I bought for ideas that have not yet materialized into reality.  I also feel that family and friends have been neglected this past year, and that does not sit well with me and also needs rectified.

With this in mind, I wish you readers, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!  I’ll return in 2018.

As always, if you have any suggestions for the new year, please share in the comments.  Also keep in mind the need to back-up your digital files.


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