Updates, Reminders, and Book Review Summer

stack-of-books-vintage-books-book-booksHi everyone!  Sorry to be absent two weeks in a row.  It was unavoidable.  As mentioned, I spent a week traveling out of the country.  That was for my honeymoon, which we delayed from directly after the wedding due to the timing of when the touristy places opened at our destination.  As I promised, a post on the historical sites visited on the trip will come at a later date.  This week I have been busy transferring files to my new computer and going through the proofs of our wedding photos with a deadline on when the order must be placed.  Therefore, I have not yet sifted through the photos taken on the trip to decide which to use when I write that post.

And that whole process of transferring files from an old computer to a new leads to a reminder.  I know that I have mentioned this many times before, but BE SURE TO BACK UP YOU DIGITAL FILES!!!  An external hard drive is the best way to achieve this goal as it will copy all non-program files from your computer and it is simple to use.  Just plug it in and open the companion software and hit “Back-Up,” if the software doesn’t start the process upon either opening the program or plugging the drive in.  Some external hard drive are even made to stay connected at all times, but I do not recommend this as it opens the external hardrive up to potential viruses.  It is best to back-up on a set schedule.  This is what I do and that is why I still have my files as the old comptuer started to fail.

If you prefer the cloud, that is an option too.  You can store all your digital files on sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive as well.  Again, back-up on a regular schedule.

To see my previous, more-detailed tips on backing-up digital files check out this post and this post.  These are still my best two posts on the subject and though older, they are still very much valid.

And my last topic for the week, Book Review Summer shall return.  Usually, I start this around Memorial Day and run it through the start of the school year.  As evidenced by this and the previous two posts, that is starting late this year.  Hopefully, I debut it next week and interrupt it for a week or two once I have those historic site posts ready.

Thanks for bearing with me!


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