Cold, Christmas Cookies, and Winter White

The holidays are upon us.  Christmas is Sunday.  Chanukah starts on Christmas Eve.  Observers of Kwanzaa will celebrate on the 26th, which is also Boxing Day in Great Britain and many of its former colonies (I wish it were a holiday in the States!).

My 2015 Christmas Tree.

My 2015 Christmas Tree. I tried to upload 2016’s tree, but WordPress kept uploading it sideways!

Around everything else that has happened in recent weeks, “the most magical time of the year” has been in full swing.  Presents have been bought and dressed up with “pretty paper.”  Trees have gone up and been decorated at my apartment, my parents’, and at work. Stockings have been hung with care, including the crocheted ones with the snowmen I bought at a craft show earlier this year.  Other holiday adornments have popped up here and there.

Since just before Thanksgiving, the air has turned cold and has since turned even colder.  As I type, the world is winter white.  A light dusting of snow covers the ice that fell Friday into Saturday.  Snow followed later Saturday.  As far as the forecast extends, the temperature will not rise above freezing.  For the most part this weekend, I have chosen to stay in and stay warm under my fuzzy blanket.  This may lead to a “White Christmas” if it either doesn’t melt or more joins.

Then all this past week I’ve baked. Dark chocolate Kisses found themselves inside a ring of peanut butter.  The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking filled the apartment.  Shortbread was mixed and pressed into my new mold.  Baking muffins warmed the apartment early Friday morning.  And a “new” vintage metal Wear Ever cookie gun was ordered.  When I arrive home for the holidays, I’ll be icing cookies baked by my mother.

Christmas events also abound.  The baking was shared at work events, for there were two parties to take the baked goods to.  Additionally, there were two catered meals to attend and the yearly Secret Santa gift exchange.  Thus, the baked goods mean times to be shared in celebration with coworkers and friends.

With all the commercialism, don’t forget that the holidays are times to spend with friends and family.  It doesn’t matter which holiday you celebrate.  Take the time to relax and enjoy this time.  I know that is what I look forward to most.  With this said, Happy Holidays to all!  And tho those who will be traveling, Safe Travels!


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