Bonus Post: Quotes from The Moral Basis of Democracy

Cover: Moral Basis of DemocracyOn Monday, I posted my review of “The Moral Basis of Democracy” by Eleanor Roosevelt which has been reprinted this week for the first time since its original publication in 1940.  There were a few quotes I thought were very relevant still today that I was not able to easily work into my review.  I thought I would share the five most powerful here.  Without further ado:

“Our Democracy in this country has its roots in our religious beliefs, and we had to acknowledge soon after its birth that differences in religious beliefs are inherent in the spirit of true Democracy.”–Chapter 1

“[Jefferson] wanted no slaves because he realized that slavery was the denial of equality of man.  It meant that if we denied equality to any man we lost the basis of Democracy…” [and starting the next paragraph] “The slave is still with us, but his color is not always black…”* –Chapter 3

“It would seem clear that in a Democracy a minimum standard of security must at least be possible for every child in order to achieve the equality of opportunity which is one of the basic principles set forth as a fundamental of Democracy.  This means achieving an economic level below which no one is permitted to fall, and keeping a fairly stable balance between that level and the cost of living.” –Chapter 5

“The development of a dynamic Democracy which is alive and actively working for the benefit of all individuals, and not just a few, depends, I think, on the realization that this form of government is not a method devised to keep some particular group that is stronger than other groups in power.  It is a method of government conceived for the development of human beings as a whole.  The citizens of a Democracy must model themselves on the best and most unselfish life we have known in history.” –Chapter 6

“We often make the mistake of believing that what happens at the bottom makes no difference.  As a matter of fact, it is what we do at the bottom which decides what eventually happens at the top.” –Chapter 10

I simply cited the chapters since,  on the e-book, the pages were based on the device’s screen, unlike a print book.  I still think the book is a worthy read for the era in which we now live due to recent crises.  Consider giving it a try.



*This acknowledges all the minority groups at the time, including the Jewish people, and those denied equal rights, including women.


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