Musings on Recent Changes

With several new release to post reviews about in the coming weeks, I figured it would take the time to write a non-review post again.  Have to mix things up!

"Red Book Carts" by Cybrgirl on Flickr Creative Commons. We used book carts to move our stuff!

“Red Book Carts” by Cybrgirl on Flickr Creative Commons. We used book carts to move our stuff!

Last week was a busy week at work, something I’ll come back to in a few lines, and with the holiday weekend I do not have time to do any research for a history-, library-, or archive-themed post.  All this said, I thought I’d update my readers on other happenings.

We moved office space this week at work and that was an ordeal.  First those affected had to pack-up and move everything.  The day of the move, we were displaced as the cubicles were reconfigured.  Then we had to settle back in.  In fact, I am still settling in as I am waiting on the right size hanging file folders (I went from a traditional file cabinet to a less-deep lateral file) and some power cords (I’ve jury-rigged a few things for now). And while all this was going on, all three of my orders for large print books for our patrons also came in!  All are still in storage as I speak as I have not had time to catalog the titles.  That is a project I hope to work on some after this post debuts.  I also hope to return to other projects, including the weeding briefly mentioned two weeks ago.

Also, it has been a busy month otherwise.  My boyfriend finally started a new position with job security.  And it just so happens to be in the same city as me; that’s a big improvement over recent years and one of our struggles was finding jobs in the same location (and really even just finding jobs period with the economy not favoring recent graduates; I’ve written about that before here and here).  And with those changes came an official engagement.  Yes, we are finally able to get married and just started planning a wedding for the first quarter of 2017.  I just wish the economy hadn’t forced us to wait so long!

So that’s the new news with me.  April will be a busy posting month with at least three new release book reviews and I’m still hoping to fit in a National Library Week post, but we’ll have to see what happens.  As always, if you have a topic of interest, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


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