Like a Blur

In many ways, it seems like the last few months have gone by like a blur.  Summer started out with a lot of interviews, followed by accepting a job offer and everything that came with relocating, and ended with the move itself and my paternal grandmother’s death (she was in hospice all summer after a bad fall).

“Summer” ended early when I started the new job in August.  I hit the ground running with that and never looked back.  There wasn’t time!  Not only was I learning on the go, I dove right into outreach and attended not one, but two, conferences within my first two months on the job.  I’ve updated promotional material; wrote articles for and edited two newsletters; wrote countless Facebook posts for the library; and cataloged hundreds of digital audio and braille titles.  As of last week, I’ve added about 100 large print titles to the catalog for our soon-to-debut service.

Outside of work, I’ve also kept busy.  It’s just me for now so I have to do all the housework.  Initially, this was the unpacking and organizing.  Now it includes all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, errand running, etc.  That said, I do have time to read, catch up on shows (Big Bang Theory, for one!), and do some writing, mostly for this blog.  With the holidays approaching, I decorated for those (both in my apartment and at work) and shopped for Christmas presents.

While I wish that sometimes the blur would slow down, without it I would focus too much on what I don’t have.  My family is 2.5 hours away and I miss them.  My boyfriend hasn’t had any luck finding a job here, further delaying any future plans.  Being in a new city mostly alone is hard (one friend and classmate from grade school works in the same building, different division), more so now that the holidays approach.  I’ll be able to go home for a bit but that time will be a blur since half will be spent driving to various places.  I simply do not have the vacation time built up to take off more than Christmas Eve and I’ll only have it, Christmas Day, and the weekend.

Sorry to complain a bit with this post.  Starting out, I meant to summarize what all had been going on lately.  The post just took a life of its own.  What can I say?  It just happened.  In the meantime, enjoy examining some of my latest “housework” below.  The images are not the greatest, as they were taken with my iPhone, not my camera.

My 2015 Christmas Tree.

My 2015 Christmas Tree.

The Cornish Game Hen with Glazed Oranges I made last night.

The Cornish Game Hen with Glazed Oranges I made last night.

Next week, I’ll post me review of the other wonderful Christmas-themed historical fiction book I read this year.  Also, Happy Hanukkah to any Jewish readers!

And remember, today is the 74th Anniversary of the attack at Pearl Harbor which signaled America’s entry into World War II.  Please take a moment in silence to honor those who lost their lives that day.  And perhaps another to honor all those lost in the too many more recent tragedies both in the United States and worldwide this year.


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