Popular Children’s and Young Adult Authors

"Event: Santa Teresa Branch Library Halloween theme Preschool Storytime" from the San Jose Library via Flickr Creative Commons

“Event: Santa Teresa Branch Library Halloween theme Preschool Storytime” from the San Jose Library via Flickr Creative Commons

It never hurts to look at what children enjoy reading.  Whether you promote using the library, regularly purchase books, or both, it’s nice to have a list to turn to to assist in the endeavor. With the holidays approaching, it is also an opportunity to promote literacy at home by purchasing books for a child you love.  This list of popular children and teen authors is based on what I have seen check out locally with frequency at as a circulation clerk and substitute librarian at two local school districts.  It may not reflect nationwide trends, though many of the authors have been best sellers and movies have been based on their books.

I have divided this list into picture books and novels instead of by children and young adult/teen authors.  Why?  Children and teens read at different levels and some books are within both sections at the public library or in each the intermediate, middle, and/or high school libraries at the school district.  Also, as you will see, many are newer authors but yet others are older ones with staying power in the eyes of the reader.

I have linked each author to their profile on Goodreads so you can see not only their works, but also links to their websites (if applicable) and other information they opted to post.  If the series is more recognizable than the authors name, I placed the series in parentheses next to the author’s name.

Picture Books Authors:

Chapter Book Authors:

Besides these fiction titles, I’ve also seen popular non-fiction about pets; vehicles; military units and vehicles; sports; hunting; and arts and crafts checked out in great frequency.

I hope this helps you to promote literacy with the children you know, and if you are shopping for the holiday season, to pick out a gift to inspire a love of reading in the children you know.  I’ll follow with a list for adults in a few weeks, hopefully still ahead of the holidays!

Please comment and add to the list anything I forgot!  I mostly deal with 5th grade and up, so I may not be as great with listing the picture books as I would with the chapter books.


2 thoughts on “Popular Children’s and Young Adult Authors

  1. Great list! One I’d add to your Picture Book list is Curious George–still so popular, oh, and Mo Willems, too. Most of your juvenile choices are the same books that are popular at my library (plus my own, but that may be partly because of my ‘local author’ status. . 🙂 ) Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! I forgot about Curious George! It was more popular when I was little than I’ve seen now locally. I’ll add that and Mo Williams to the list. And you’re welcome about the sharing!

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