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The last six months or so have been extremely busy.  In June, my grandfather fell and was hospitalized.  Since then, he has gone downhill.  Most of my summer and days off since I began working part-time in September have been spent dealing with this situation.  As such, there are some posts and projects that have been pushed aside in favor of that and job hunting.  As I mentioned these projects before, allow me to update you, dear readers, a bit on these.

Using a microspatula to help remove a stuck photo.

Using a microspatula to help remove a stuck photo. Originally presented in “Preserving the Treasure Trove.”

Examining…Technologies Series:  One reader asked for a post on archive content management systems.  I do plan to get around to this topic, but some others, such as social media for libraries and archives, may come first.  Why?  I need to conduct some research about the programs I have not had any experience with.  Right now, I haven’t the time.  But it will still come.  Again, if you have a particular library- or archive-related technology topic you would like to see covered, please let me know and I’ll work it in at some point. (tag: Technology)

The Treasure Trove Trilogy:  Before my grandfather’s fall, I wrote two posts about the photos and papers I found in my great-grandmother’s belongings when we moved her from assisted living to a skilled care facility.  The posts dealt with the work I did to preserve the papers.  I also mentioned I planned to scan everything to allow it to be shared with the rest of the family.  I still plan to scan those photos and write a bit about the settings and organizing the digital copies.  I just need to find time to do this-I’m hardly ever home anymore!  I also have some conservation work to do to a few items with may lead to a fourth post. (Posts 1 and Post 2)

Library Programming Series:  There is one more post forthcoming.  It is written and will be scheduled for the new year.  The post will  address gaming and inter-generational programming. (Posts 1, 2, and 3)

Book Reviews:  These will be continued on a periodic basis.  I still have several advanced reader’s copies and Goodread’s First Read wins I will post about.  Other than those, additional reviews will appear if I think the book is worth mentioning.


With the new year upon us, make protecting you family treasures a priority.  If you celebrate Christmas like I do, remember to wrap treasured ornaments and decorations in tissue paper (or if you can obtain and afford it, archival grade tissue paper) instead of newspaper.  The ink used on newsprint transfers to the items easily and the paper is very acidic and can further harm items.  And this holds true whether it is for Christmas items or family heirlooms.  You want them to last for generations.

File storage devices have changed over the years.  Remember to update these too before they become obsolete!

File storage devices have changed over the years. Remember to update these too before they become obsolete! Originally presented in “A Digital Age New Year’s Resolution.”

Also, take the time to back-up your digital files.  One never expects to have a hard-drive failure or a bad computer virus (or similar malicious program) wipe out their files, but it can happen when you least expect it.  Plan ahead!  Also make sure your file types are stored in common formats, such as .JPEG, .TIFF, and .PDF.  Please refer back to my earlier post on this topic for additional information.

Lastly, remember to store you physical photographs and documents in acid-free conditions, whether that be in an album, scrapbook, or photo box.  Also be sure to store them in cool, dark places when not actively in use to ensure longevity.  Back in April, I wrote two posts on this topic.  In “Caring for Your Photographs,” I discussed best storage practices and presented directions for do-it-yourself photo sleeves.  The next week, I collected and presented notes from the Preservation Week 2013 webinars on photograph care.  These notes reenforced my two aforementioned posts while adding additional great resources.

It is my hope that you review these posts aimed at preserving our history for future generations and enact all or parts of the tactics covered.  Your children and grandchildren (or future ones, if they are yet to exist) and their future families will be grateful.  I chose to highlight these earlier posts for this reason and to perhaps ensure you, dear readers, make preserving these treasures a New Year’s Resolution.

Next Week:

With the holidays and the activities that will surround them, this will be the last post for Amy’s Scrap Bag until 2014.  I plan to spend time with family and friends and, with my time off, catch up on some projects.  Weekly postings will resume on January 6, 2014.  Happy Holidays!


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