One Year Anniversary!

Guess what readers?  Amy’ Scrap Bag’s first post was published one year ago today!  Since that introductory post, I have written about a variety of library, archive, and history topics including but not limited to:

"Birthday Cake" by Will Clayton from Flcker Creative Commons

“Birthday Cake” by Will Clayton from Flcker Creative Commons

  • Information and Digital Literacies
  • Search and Evaluation Techniques (as part of Researcher’s Corner)
  • Do it Yourself Archival Techniques
  • Ethical Conundrums
  • Higher Education
  • Useful Technologies (as part of the new “Examining…Technologies” series)
  • Genealogy Resources (as part of Researcher’s Corner)
  • Understanding History Through Fiction (series)
  • Local and Military History
  • My past library and archive experiences/projects
  • And much more…

I also curated a list of useful research sources, most of which are digital libraries.

To celebrate, here are some data and statistics from the past year:

  • Blog Statistics/Data:
    • 2,903 onsite views; 500+ RSS views.
    • 117 WordPress & e-mail followers, plus others via Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn.
    • 218 comments/pingbacks & 350 favorites covering 62 posts.
    • Main refers were:
      1. Search Engines; mostly Google & Bing
      2. WordPress Reader
      3. Facebook
      4. Twitter
      5. LinkedIn
    • Besides Twitter shares, Amy’s Scrap Bag has been shared:
      • 14 times via reblogging.
      • 7 times on
      • 5 times on
    • Viewed in 63 countries covering 6 continents. Most onsite views were from:
      • United States
      • United Kingdom
      • Canada
      • India
      • Australia
Map of World Views for Amy's Scrapbag after One Year

Map of World Views for Amy’s Scrapbag after One Year

As you can see, the posts have had a variety of reception with all topics gaining representation among the most useful and liked topics.  Yes, the total views is lower than many blogs that have been around for a year, but except for the occasional bonus post, I only issue one lengthy post a week (I focus on more on quality not quantity).  Thus, that total isn’t too bad.  My hope is to keep up this variety and see what the next year brings.

If you have any suggested topics or guest post ideas, please let me know.  I’m willing to listen.

*Based on the search terms WordPress collected for Amy’s Scrap Bag.


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